REBEL Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

For security purposes, we limit customers to a certain number of scans per day. The suggestion to customers would be to wait and try again later.

Unfortunately, we cannot credit transactions to an account after the fact. Customers must use their app or enter their Loyalty Alt ID (phone number) to receive credit for their purchases during the transaction.

Rewards programs are based at an individual level and cannot be shared. It is recommended for each customer to have separate accounts. Occasionally, promotional offers are limited per member.

Customers will receive emails and/or push notifications.

They can easily track their progress in their app. Further details will be provided soon.

Birthday offers are only valid for a limited time. Customers must redeem offer on their birthday month.

Customers may receive free and discounted items instore, promotional items from their favorite brands, entry into exclusive contests, and more.

Yes, sales tax and any purchase of lottery, money orders, gift cards, phone cards, tobacco, or fuel are excluded.

We work with vendors and manufacturers on an ongoing basis to provide members with the best deals; these offers can last for a day or for several months. Take advantage of these offers while they last!

Once logged in as a registered member, you can locate the available offers to your closest store by selecting “Home” on the bottom navigation bar.

All earned rewards are available until they are redeemed. Promotional offers will include an expiration date.

No! REBEL Rewards is completely free to join. Members are eligible for promotional offers and FREE items!

It is much easier just to use your app or to enter your Loyalty Alt ID (phone number) by either checking the pin pad device when making your purchase in store or at the fuel island.

Promotional offers are currently only set for in-store offerings.

You can confirm your registered Loyalty Alt ID (phone number) by either checking the pin pad device when making a purchase or reviewing a receipt. The receipt will state member transaction and show the last 4 digits of the Member ID near the bottom. Additionally, the Transaction History may be reviewed on the REBEL Rewards app.

It is best to have location services enabled to see the offers from a store near you!

With the fuel loyalty rewards program on REBEL Rewards, customers can save incrementally by purchasing specific promoted offers inside our stores prior to pumping fuel..

The limit of savings per gallon is 50 cents per gallon for 20 gallons for all REBEL Rewards members. The pump will automatically shut off when it is reaching the 20-gallon limit or the authorized dollar amount; whichever is lower. If the member needs additional fuel a new transaction would need to be completed.

When paying at the pump, you can enter your Loyalty Alt ID (phone number) on the pin pad then swipe your method of payment to authorization.

To receive fuel loyalty rewards for fuel, member must enter their Loyalty Alt ID (phone number) at the register when paying then reenter at the pump. Fuel prices will be adjusted upon authorization

The pump will start a nonloyalty transaction. No fuel loyalty discount will be applied.

If the fuel discount was applied to the fuel transaction, the details will show the actual fuel price/gallon paid and the discount amount saved on the receipt.

All available fuel grades at the pump are eligible for a member to save on fuel loyalty

You can edit your account information by logging on to the app or calling the customer service support line at 800-356-7697.

No, REBEL Rewards does not offer a plastic rewards card.

We recommend one unique user per mobile phone number as some offers are only one per member.

Only one mobile phone number can be associated with each REBEL Rewards account.

No, landlines are not recommended as the account number for REBEL Rewards. Please only enter in mobile phone numbers to earn and redeem REBEL Rewards. If you use a landline as your REBEL Rewards account number, then you will not be able to utilize/validate your wallet in the future.

Here are the ways that you can change your preferences. If you need further assistance, please call 800-356-7697.


Text: You can text “STOP” to when receiving text messages from the mobile phone number enrolled with the account.

Push Notifications: You can update your settings on your mobile device or deactivate the app.

REBEL Rewards points balances expire if a member is inactive for more than 180 consecutive days, after which the member’s balance is removed but they are still considered a member. REBEL Rewards also end: (i) upon your death or legal incapacitation; (ii) when you or REBEL Convenience Stores deactivate your account; or (iii) at any time that REBEL Convenience Stores decides to end or change the program.

If a member redeems a REBEL Reward but does not use it within 90 days, the earned offer will expire, and points will not be returned to the member’s account.